Sailormoon Face Mask Cover made in cotton fabric 100%.

Sailormoon Face Mask Cover made in cotton fabric 100%.


Handmade cover mask. - FREE SHIPPING.


It is handmade with cotton and trimmings, for a good breath. This cover is reusable, washable (we reccomend maximum 60 washes) and we recommend putting filters, compresses or gauze inside to use it as protection. These masks are not for medical use. It is recommended to disinfect them.



- One Mask, unique size (S-M-L)



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    SIZE GUIDE |                                                                           

       Info about Mesurements and Sizes of Muse Suite's Creations.

    FOR ADULTS and TEENS (from 12 years):

    Headpieces: Unique size, easy to adapt. From small to large heads. All the products that can be addapted on the back, go with a lace. Those big crowns that have not laces on the back, have a metal diadem type, that fitts good to a teen and adult head.

    Necklaces: All the necklaces can be from size S to XXL, adapted with a chain on the back.

    S= 40cm+5cm extension chain

    M= 45cm+5cm extension chain

    L= 50cm+5cm extension chain

    XL-XXL= 55cm+10cm extension chain

    Send us a note with the mesurements for being customized.

    Chokers: All the chokers can be from small sizes to large sizes. They are adjusted with a chain on the back.

    S= 27cm+5cm extension chain

    M= 32cm+5cm extension chain

    L= 37cm+5cm extension chain

    XL-XXL= 42cm+10cm extension chain

    Send us a note with the mesurements for being customized.

    Ear Cuffs/Tork Earrings: The ear cuffs are easy to fit and mold. All of them can be used for teens and adults, with S-M-L larges. For customized sizes, send us a message and we'll be glad to do it at your needs.

    Bracelets: For the bracelets and slaves, they are from S to XXL size, depending of the design. If they are a chain bracelet, can be adjusted with 5cm of chain. For custom sizes, you can contact us or add a note on the order.

    Masks: They are done for a S-M-L adult size, and with elastic bands on the sides for fitting good.

    HairCombs, Sticks and other hair accessories: Each one have a unique size, the pics are done with the real size, not retouched. For customized mesurements, you can contact us.

    Baby, Childs: On those type of product, the size depends of it's a baby (0-1 year old), toodler (1-3 years old), preschooler (3-5 years old), little schooler (6-8 years old) or school aged (9-11). It depends of the size and the heaight of the child. If you don't know which one to choose, writte us or select one going to high (if he/she has 5 years, you can select 6-8 and use it more time and better fit). For any questions, you can contact us.