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We want to tell you our history...

Once upon a time, a teenager girl started to create handmade jewelry and accessories. At first, she worked with little crystals, plastic leather and cotton. After a few years, she started to work with metal and natural stones, creating pretty pieces and selling arround Catalonia!

She started studying professional jewelry and after two years, this woman started with their own brand, Muse Suite, creating fantasy and elegant handmade accessories.

This brand comes as big as retail given the great demand from stores to acquire the creations of the young craftswoman.

Nowadays, is one of the most known and one of the firsts brands of fantasy accessories from Spain who sells worldwide under their own brand name.

This teenager girl who started to create little handmade jewelry for their family, friends and little circle, is now a business woman with knowledge of professional and thechical things about jewelry, branding and communication.


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We use the maximum amount of recycled items that are within our reach, such as parcel boxes made with recycled cardboard and the papers we use.
The packaging is mostly kraft paper and we always recommend reuse and subsequent recycling.
The use of the blower is exclusively for those products that do not need, and there are extraction systems to avoid gases in the environment.
On the other hand, we would also like to mention that we try to use public transport to bring your orders to the parcel offices, including walking.
We are in favor of proximity commerce, so we always try to buy our materials from our land, Catalonia, or Spain. But we also support export and import, so we buy some exclusive and beautiful items from other countries.

Belive in nature and help the world supporting environment good acts.

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