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How to clean the metal pieces?

Here we’ll gonna writte some tips for cleaning and keeping your metal pieces made by Muse Suite.

Do you want to clean your metal tiara?

Are you trying to clean a silver tork or bracelet?

Have yo un ear cuff and it's full of oxid because of the environment oxid or skin acid?

Your silver chain is now a little bit gold or black and it's a silver chain?

Don't feel panic, we can help you to clean all of them!

If your pieces for clean are in silver metal or sterling silver, there’re so many options:

- A Silver polish cloth (we’ll gonna sell it for customers soon).

- A solution with hot water and baking soda.

- A solution with baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice.

- Use a microfibre cloth or toothbrush for cleaning it better and removing the oxid.

- For mate pieces you can use a steel scourer (low thickness) and then use a silver shinny cloth.

If this don’t works, ask us, we can help you with some other tips!

The piece is not silver metal? Your piece is made in brass or simiar?

Use the same solution with baking soda and hot water, the microfibre cloth or toothbrush and the polish cloth. You can use also the steel wool.

Is important to use this with the necessary protection, and being careful to not to break or deform the piece. If this happens, writte us and we’ll gonna help you with some re-forming tips for your pieces.

Never use fire or welder due since this could melt the piece again and desolder it.

We hope these tips have helped you to clean your pieces!

See you on the next blog post.

Muse Suite

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