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How to wear hair accessories and which hairstyles.

What do I wear? How do I wear it?

If you ask yourself the above questions, this post is for you!

Having doubts about how to wear clothes or accessories is normal. And how to wear a headdress, tiara or crown, even more! But don't worry, from Muse Suite we help you with some tips.

First of all, you need to demystify the concept that to wear this, you have to wear long hair or a fancy bang. Out of reality.

If you have short hair, your headband looks great, and if you have no fringe, tiares with a "v" in front are ideal! If your hair is too short or shaved, a textured tiara may be a solution, but a haircut to your liking is much better! Are you a supporter of wearing long hair? Well you can put a wreath of the elf kind of branches, they look great And if you have a bang, a little detail on glassy hair can be the perfect touch for your hairstyle. Want to wear the classic Celtic braids? Well bet for a combination of small details along the braid and a matching tiara. And if you do a braided pickup, even better! You can wear a matching hairstick and earrings!

It is not a question of saying "this will not suit me" or "it is too striking", but of thinking "how I like it most" and "which one will suit me best".

Always, think positive
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