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New Alt Collection is here!

Since many weeks ago, we were working on a new collection of alternative and gothic jewelry, with black velvet, silver chain and also antique bronze, or gunblack items.

For example, those gothic chokers are made with black gun metal colour, with antique silver ones.

The collection will be soon available in our shop!

This Holidays, you can make a special gift for CHRISTMAS or THREE KING'S DAY, with that gothic but elegant collection. They are available also for sizes, and each size can be adjusted on 5cm more or less. If in any case, you are not sure of the mesurements, we can put the double of chain, without extras, it's the same price, for sure. The are available also for silver or black chain, so the customer can choose between them and velvet.

Whether it's for you or as a gift, we wrap for a gift, there are no prizes and tickets inside the box, it's ready to give.

If you want a soecial phrase or name, we can add it, it's very nice to open a gift specially for you and with your name in front :)

Best regards to all you,


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