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Wedding Time!

Do you have all ready for your #wedding?

The dress, the accessories, jewelry,.. If it's not,

Keep calm and take a look to our bride's section.

We can help you to choose a perfect piece for you, and yes, it can fits perfectly with your dress, for sure! Ask us about tips for wearing the pieces from Muse Suite.

There are many pieces we hace in stock ready for sending, as can be:

- Sterling Silver #Tiaras

- #Hairpins with Crystals and Stones

- Celtic accessories (including #handfasting lace)

- #Elvish #jewelry as can be #ear #cuffs or crowns

- Simple and Pearl jewells

- Elegant velvet chokers with earrings

- #Woodland #crowns made with artificial branches

- Fairy diadems with leaves, crystals and more

If you can not choose one, we can advise you and help you choosing the best piece that fits with your personality and style.

From Muse Suite, we want you to be comfortable, happy with your piece, and feeling that you have a unique and special jewell with you.

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