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Crow soul Necklace - raven skull pendant

Crow soul Necklace - raven skull pendant




From Gothic Witch Serie.



Crow skull necklace with black chain.


Contains (depending of the selection):

- One Necklace



- Sterling Silver Closure

- Black Plated Chain

- Findings with a metal alloy, with silver plated finish and a gunblack effect patina.





*We recommend visiting the store’s policies.


PhotoCredits: Go to Shootings section to see the photo team of the pic.


    SIZE GUIDE |                                                                           

       Info about Mesurements and Sizes of Muse Suite's Creations.

    FOR ADULTS and TEENS (from 12 years):

    Headpieces: Unique size, easy to adapt. From small to large heads. All the products that can be addapted on the back, go with a lace. Those big crowns that have not laces on the back, have a metal diadem type, that fitts good to a teen and adult head.

    Necklaces: All the necklaces can be from size S to XXL, adapted with a chain on the back.

    S= 40cm+5cm extension chain

    M= 45cm+5cm extension chain

    L= 50cm+5cm extension chain

    XL-XXL= 55cm+10cm extension chain

    Send us a note with the mesurements for being customized.

    Chokers: All the chokers can be from small sizes to large sizes. They are adjusted with a chain on the back.

    S= 27cm+5cm extension chain

    M= 32cm+5cm extension chain

    L= 37cm+5cm extension chain

    XL-XXL= 42cm+10cm extension chain

    Send us a note with the mesurements for being customized.

    Ear Cuffs/Tork Earrings: The ear cuffs are easy to fit and mold. All of them can be used for teens and adults, with S-M-L larges. For customized sizes, send us a message and we'll be glad to do it at your needs.

    Bracelets: For the bracelets and slaves, they are from S to XXL size, depending of the design. If they are a chain bracelet, can be adjusted with 5cm of chain. For custom sizes, you can contact us or add a note on the order.

    Masks: They are done for a S-M-L adult size, and with elastic bands on the sides for fitting good.

    HairCombs, Sticks and other hair accessories: Each one have a unique size, the pics are done with the real size, not retouched. For customized mesurements, you can contact us.

    Baby, Childs: On those type of product, the size depends of it's a baby (0-1 year old), toodler (1-3 years old), preschooler (3-5 years old), little schooler (6-8 years old) or school aged (9-11). It depends of the size and the heaight of the child. If you don't know which one to choose, writte us or select one going to high (if he/she has 5 years, you can select 6-8 and use it more time and better fit). For any questions, you can contact us.