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Red flower Cat Crown - Diadem for cats (and littledogs)

Red flower Cat Crown - Diadem for cats (and littledogs)


Crown for cat, diadem for cats and little dogs.

Available in some colours.

It goes with a lace on the back to adjust it and to fit it better.



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    SIZE GUIDE |                                                                           

       Info about Mesurements and Sizes of Muse Suite's Creations.

    FOR ADULTS and TEENS (from 12 years):

    Headpieces: Unique size, easy to adapt. From small to large heads. All the products that can be addapted on the back, go with a lace. Those big crowns that have not laces on the back, have a metal diadem type, that fitts good to a teen and adult head.

    Necklaces: All the necklaces can be from size S to XXL, adapted with a chain on the back.

    S= 40cm+5cm extension chain

    M= 45cm+5cm extension chain

    L= 50cm+5cm extension chain

    XL-XXL= 55cm+10cm extension chain

    Send us a note with the mesurements for being customized.

    Chokers: All the chokers can be from small sizes to la