Pin Up Mermaid

The most of our consumers like #fantasy, and for us it's a pleasure to create handmade pieces specially for those who love to wear #fancy and elegant pieces.

That shoot inspires us a #glamourous #mermaid with a #blue #nature inspired clothing, that fits perfect on that pin up mermaid #outfit.

The photograph #Wikingart have done an awesome work, with the experienced and alternative model#Blue Astrid, it's a special team for #photoshootings, as all the team shoots we work with.

That #tiara fits perfect with an elegant outfit, but also with a more #fantasy, #ceremony or #folk inspired fashion #looks. For example, this piece in blue is one of the best sellers of that type of #crowns, the following colour of BS is on gold. This is because both colours are good for wearing on different stylisms, with a non-simple #lookstyle.

A sweet and #mystical tiara made with artificial #branches, a silver base cameo and a crystal inspired cameo on the middle, with a teardrop tribute to a real #bluemarine.

If that piece is on red, for example, it would be very right for a traditional #pin-up #rockabilly style, but we will following posting with many ideas for different styles, looks and outfits and ways to wear more daily some pieces.

We are here for giving you a little bit of fantasy in your lives, and never forget, that we are here thanks to you, so thank you for all your support!

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