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- Once the product has been added to the basket, payment can be made using different payment methods.
- After one hour, cancellations will not be accepted.
- The manufacturing time and preparation process of the product is different in any case, but from 2-7 days, the item will be ended. 
- For wholesale purchases, ask for wholesale prices via message.


- The products will be sent in perfect condition, without defects, in their box, and protected.
- The products will be shipped with the packaging that corresponds: a box of double cardboard, sealed and with the product inside in a paper envelope or bag. In case it is sent with envelopes, the products will be protected with boxes or envelopes of paper and bubbles.
- There is express delivery service but it is not predetermined. The usual term to receive packages in Spain is approximately 3-7 working days and International 10-20 working days on average, subject to change, and depending on the destination, especially at parties or holidays.
- Muse Suite will not send by default the products with fast courier service, it will only be made in the case that the buyer has selected the fast shipping method that corresponds to their country.
In no case do we ensure that the delivery time will be of a certain number of days, it is an estimate since there may be delays or retentions by the post office or customs.


- Muse Suite reserves the right to exchange or return products that are damaged or defective.
- The personalized products, on offer or with discount, will not be reimbursed in any case, because they have already been accepted before the purchase.
- In case of being related products for weddings, communions, special events or similar, no changes or refunds are accepted in any chaos due to their nature and for having the possibility of having been used by the buyer. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this condition may cause, so if you have any questions, please contact us.
- If you have any problem with the order or dislike, please contact us before leaving a comment or review, we can fix it by communicating.
- All pieces are made by hand, so they are not mass-produced and all are customized and made to measure, that means that changes are not accepted in these cases, unless otherwise specified in the ads.
- We do not control customs or tax costs, so we do not take charge or accept changes or refunds in these cases. If this has been your situation, get in touch with us.
- In case there is any return or exchange (due to reasons beyond the company's control), the buyer / customer assumes the shipping and return costs.
- In any case where a product is returned and reimbursed, it will not be made until the product arrives in good condition to the same address where it was sent by Muse Suite.
- Products are not returned for reasons of size since they are all adjustable and you can add notes to facilitate specific measures or select the attributes in the ads that require it.
- Each buyer is responsible for the products and materials accepted in each country, so that Muse Suite does not take over if the customs stop the packages or there are additional costs for the stops of the customs services.


The guarantee of Muse Suite is the quality of the material (indicated in each product and attribute selected) and its creation in an artisanal way.



-If this is your case, write us, we customize the product, packaging and shipping!


In this case, write us and tell us that you want to receive information from Muse Suite as well as newsletters, in order to add you to the list.


All shipments are made with emails from Spain, certified standard service with the destination's signature. If you can send it by UPS with a faster service than the previous one, it will be done, but not by default.



If you need a fast shipment, select the most appropriate shipping method for you.


It is very important for us to leave a comment and review if you liked the product. In case you are unhappy or have a problem, write us before leaving a comment.


Buyers will pay customs duties, taxes or any cost or duty. We do not take care of any delays that may be caused by customs, postal services or stops.


Taking into account that the volume of work in the services of sending and courier, there may be delays at certain times of the year such as Christmas, Kings, festivals celebrated during the year or seasons and sales, so we recommend purchasing the product in advance .
If you need a fast shipping method and you reside in Spain, get in touch with us, there are 12 and 24h services. If you reside outside of Spain, you can choose the fast shipping methods, usually receive between 3 and 6 working days according to the official information of UPS.



When subscribing, you accept the specified polities about the data, conditions and system.
We only will use your mail and basic information (Name for personalizing the e-mails and SEO information who can helps us to send you the best info about Muse Suite. We will never have your payimeng data, it's your own information. The only platforms where we will put the mail, name and country is our webstore and the private platform we use for Newsletters (style a Mailchimp).
You can unsubscribe of this Newsletter. On your same male you can select it easely.
On the mails info, we writte you with a Newsletter (never each day) with our latest items, best sellers, tips, personalized items for you and all the things related to our relation between the shop and you.
We never give your data to other business, enterprises or persons, it's only our relation between seller and customer/visitor.
If you have more questions about this, you can writte us, we'll inform as soon as possible.
We invite you to continue with us!

Frequent questions:

1. In the products you put silver (or German silver) and sterling silver, are they the same?
Not at all, they are two completely different metals. The sterling silver we use is 925 sterling silver, and German silver is another metal.

2. If I want to change the color of a product of my order when I bought it, what do I do?
You can write us or put a note, and if we have not yet sent the package or made the order, we will change it without obligation or additional cost.

3. The silver is getting darker or a little yellow, what is happening?
925 sterling silver carries some copper (75 for every 1000 parts of metal, the rest is sterling silver), so it can rust over time. Do not worry, with baking soda and water is solved! In addition, you can ask us about the rags to polish the silver, we put it for free.

4. How do I know if the product I bought will go?
All our products are adjustable, but if you want a specific measure, you can contact us and we can help you without any obligation.

5. The product is not how I expected, what do we do?
In case there has been an error and a product has been placed that is not the one selected in the purchase, please contact us, we will check if there has been an error and it will be solved.

6. The order has not yet arrived, where is it?
If a few days from the deadline, patience! :) The order is on the way.
In case three weeks have passed and you do not have your order, please contact us, and we will inform the postal service of what happened to solve it as soon as possible.

7. I need a company invoice, can you do it for me?
Obviously, we will make the invoice once you indicate the billing information.

8. It's the first time I buy on internet / your website.., is it really reliable?
Absolutely! This website has several payment systems, and you can choose the one that suits you best. In addition, this website made with a professional webstore platform protects your account, personal information and has sufficient security methods to avoid any problem. If you are new to etsy, congratulations and welcome!

9. When will my order arrive?
The delivery time of each product is different and is indicated in each advertisement, so it can vary in each of them.
On the other hand, if you have selected a normal shipping method, in Spain it usually takes 2 to 5 days from the date of deposit to the post offices. In France, Italy, Germany and Belgium usually take from 7 to 10 days, and in the United States and the rest of Countries, it can take from 10 to 15 days. In any case, not counting holidays, weekends, customs stops, logistical problems of postal services or possible delays (especially in times of sales, holidays or seasonal).
If you have any questions about your order, contact us and we will inform you.

10. I love the product, but when I receive it, it seems delicate, should it be maintained in any way?
Simply treat the product well, it is a craft and quality creation, so it is not appropriate to use it as a toy since they are complements. But you can put it without problems as many times as you want! And if you have questions about the care of the product or its cleaning, contact us and explain your case to be able to recommend you better.

At Muse Suite we want you to feel comfortable at all times and secure your purchase so if we can make it easier to receive the order for the buyer, you can write us without obligation, and if you have any questions about of the products, we inform you very kindly.
We are very transparent and prefer the happiness of all our customers, so we appreciate the trust placed in us and whenever there is any doubt, we prefer that you contact us to solve it and that you have a good experience in out website, how to buy online and in our store, Mue Suite.

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